In the meantime

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I have been thinking big ideas and small whispers of thought. In the meantime, I sit with this-

Be kind

within yourself.

Let’s remember that we are kind.

As such, we are allowed to be kind to ourselves.


from a place of kindness within,

share your kindness with others.

When we act from a precise place in our hearts, it will color everything we do. If we chose from a place of kindness, the result could be masterful.

I could be kind to myself in so many ways (and you too):

Sleep enough for my body…

Plugging into a Spark of Life

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I hope you are well and happy. I found a new biscotti with dark chocolate that has changed the quality of my afternoon coffee break. It has taken it to another level — no matter where I am, it feels like being at an outdoor café with all the time in the world to enjoy it.

In the spirit of all that is good, I have been thinking about enthusiasm. It isn’t something that we are acutely aware of as adults, but I think it is key to almost everything. It is like the spark of Life!

I have been…

Serendipity came to play

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Hello Friend! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday full of rest and renewal. I have been bursting all week to tell you about my last Sunday!

Do you remember last week, when I was writing, the wind was full of vigor, and I wondered where all the kites were this windy season? Well, let me tell you… Sunday night, I finished cleaning the kitchen after dinner and asked my husband to accompany me to take out the trash.

Nearing the trash bins, I see a bright white string going from the ground of our side yard up to our ficus bushes…

Like Kites

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Sundays are a wonderful time to let go of the world. So are late afternoons. I am sitting under a tree writing and watching dark clouds go over me, wondering if they are just breezing by or if they are going to drop rain on me. The wind almost blows the clipboard over me and reminds me that March and April is the windy season here. We used to fly kites this time of year.

Why is no one flying a kite today? At the beginning of March, I used to see stores full of boxes of kites…

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Spring reminds us of being happy and hopeful. It carries a sense of renewal, and we seem more willing to allow goodness and change into our lives.

The reason we do anything and everything is to be happy. Or it should be. We tend to forget that. Many things we are obligated to do, we do them because we think it will bring about some result that will make us happy. But many others we are not so sure why we do them.

Spring is a time we just naturally open up to. This is a good time as any…

Easy way to allow good into your Life

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I recently read this wonderful Zen parable that went straight to my heart on how simple it is to allow goodness into our lives. It is from Shannon Lee’s beautiful book, Be Water, My Friend.

A learned man once went to a zen master to inquire about Zen. As the master taught, the learned man would frequently interrupt him with remarks like, “oh yes, we have that too,” and so forth. Finally, the Zen master stopped talking and began to serve tea to the learned man; however, he kept pouring, and the…

How I experience anything is my choice every single time, not someone else’s.

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I realized my power of choice while walking down a sidewalk at my university. I had backed out on a scholarship from an out-of-state private university because I got horribly homesick and panicked. This had my parents beside themselves and my family wondering what could have happened for me to come back so soon (the drama was right up there as if witnessing a murder). I made it back in time to apply for late admission and start at my state school.

It was about the third…

Rectificando mi actitud

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Después de un período de mucho restar, es natural querer sumarle a tu vida. La pandemia ha sido, en su mayor parte, un restar de experiencias. Por otro lado, hay cosas que nos ha sorprendido gratamente ver desaparecer. Y hemos tenido la oportunidad de contar nuestras bendiciones.

La semana pasada sentí caer sobre mí un peso emocional y con la misma rapidez un rechazo de rebeldía.

Estoy cansada de restar en mi vida.

¿Conoces esa sensación en tus huesos de que has terminado con algo? …

I had it all wrong — improving my attitude.

Photo by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash

After a period of much subtraction, it is a natural response to want to add to your life. The pandemic has been, for the most part, a subtracting to the bone experience. On the other hand, there are things we have been pleasantly surprised to see gone. And we have had an opportunity to count our blessings.

This past week I felt an emotional weight fall upon me and just as fast a rebellious rejection to it. I am tired of subtracting in my life! You know that feeling in your…

Militsa Cuevas

Writer & editor of A Quiet Thought. As VP of Operations for 16yrs I am author of countless dutifully ignored or controversial memos. MA in HR management & faith

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